Why Alex Lee

Why Alex Lee, Inc.

We are family at Alex Lee. The company has been family owned for over 85 years and that sense of close personal connections still exist. Alex Lee is a company that focuses on doing the right thing. By its partners, customers, and employees. Values still matter here. People keep their work and commitments to each other. All people are treated with dignity and respect. And that will never change. But we embrace change in many other ways. With tools, technology, and keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our customers and guests.

Hear stories from our employees and hosts about their experiences at Alex Lee and see how Alex Lee has grown from a small produce company purchased in 1931 with 12 employees into a family of companies with approximately 10,000 employees.



Melissa Lane  Alex Lee, Inc.

Tell us why you love Alex Lee?
"The biggest things that I love about working for Alex Lee is that the company truly cares about their employees. We are not just another number; we are family, and we treat each other that way. Employees at Alex Lee have the opportunity to have a true work/life balance. I also love the reality that Alex Lee allows the freedom to let employees do their job and be responsible and accountable for their work without all the bureaucracy and red tape as you see in most organizations."

Why should someone look to join our family?
"This is truly a special place to work. Some have even described it as a “golden nugget”, and I would certainly agree. If you’re looking for a company that not only believes in its employees, but it also believes in each person’s health and all around well-being, then this is the place to be."

Lydia Jones  Lowes Foods

Tell us why you love Lowes Foods?
“I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I work full-time on a flexible schedule, both in and out the cakey, and my boss trust me to produce high quality work and results. I work hard to maintain that level of trust, which keeps me engaged and excited, but at the same time, I love that my job enables me to love and enjoy my passion in life. "

Why should someone look to join our family?
"Because of the growth opportunity look at me for example. "

Teresa Jones  MDI

Tell us why you love MDI?
"It is a great job and working environment since I begin in 1998.  The pay and benefits are beyond what you can receive from other companies in this area.  I have never worked for a better company and I am proud to call myself an MDI employee.  They help you grow and advance within the company if those are your intentions."

Nathan Hux  Alex Lee, Inc.

Tell us why you love Alex Lee?
"One of the main reasons I love Alex Lee is how it feels like family. I have really enjoyed working here and meeting new people and growing relationships with my coworkers. If you are ever in need of help you know you have someone at Alex Lee that will help you with whatever the problem. The atmosphere that Alex Lee has now is fun and energetic. It allows you to have fun and still get work done which is a major plus! I am so glad I have been given the opportunity to work for such and awesome company!"

Mark Oliver  Lowes Foods

Tell us why you love Lowes Foods?
“The answer is simple. I have a passion for people. When I was hired by Lowes Foods, Lee Lambeth explained to me the culture of the company and how it has changed drastically in the past 5 years. I was with a different supermarket chain for over 24 years and since leaving that company and coming on board with Lowes, I realize that this is exactly where I belong. Our culture is truly what drives me to succeed in my role as store manager. At Lowes Foods, you are not just another employee. You are a member of the family! Since being with Lowes for over a year and a half, I've decided that I want to make this the place that I retire from. I'm the happiest that I've been, both professionally and personally in my entire life and I owe that to Lowes Foods and the incredible people that I work with. ”

Why should someone look to join our family?
"Another simple answer. If you are simply looking for a paycheck you'll be in for a shock. You not only get paid, but you also will have excessive amounts of fun at work. Something I've been looking for my entire career in the supermarket industry. You get to dance. Yes! You get to dance! You get to laugh! Smiling is easy working for Lowes Foods because with our culture you have no other choice. If you're having a bad day at Lowes Foods I promise from my experience here, your spirits will be lifted before you leave work. The way I see it Lowes Foods can be "just another grocery store" or we can be something different. Face it. The grocery business is tough and can become monotonous. Not at Lowes Foods. We are different because we care about our hosts as much as we care about our guests! Not so in many other chains. Lowes is also about supporting local business through our partnerships. Lowes is the only chain in the Carolinas that is locally owned so our guests see that and support us in our efforts to serve our community. If you're in a rut in your current career, I recommend giving Lowes Foods an opportunity to let your talents shine. I know that I found a home here and I love working with my Lowes Foods family. "

Teresa O'Neal  Lowes Foods

Tell us why you love Lowes Foods?
“Lowes Foods is a Great place to work because of the People who work and Shop here! Everybody from the Cashiers, Managers to the V.P. of the Company treat you like Family. That helps me to be More Bubbly and have Fun at work!"

Why should someone look to join our family?
"The best part of my job is Helping the Guests and Playing with the Babies.. I wish Lowes Foods would open a Day Care in the Store for Families while they shop. I'd play with the Babies all Day!!"

Barry Lipford  MDI

Tell us why you love MDI?
"I can use a lot of the things at MDI that I’ve learned from my previous job of 30 + years in the school system. Working in the Carpenter Shop is hard work but we work together as a team. I feel as though I can be myself and still have a good time with my coworkers.  I also handle maintenance on the outside which I really enjoy."

Josh Engebretson  Lowes Foods

Tell us why you love Lowes Foods?
“I began my journey with Lowes Foods in May of 2012 as a bagger in Shallotte, North Carolina; not knowing the opportunities that would be presented just months down the road. I quickly developed an interest in the business that would soon turn to a passion. After transferring closer to my hometown of East Bend I received the opportunity to work in the Produce Department. Where I would begin developing myself as a leader and would soon receive an assistant produce manager position. I later accepted a produce manager position, which landed me in Mooresville for what is known as one of the companies most successful grand openings. Here is where I discovered what attracted me to Lowes Foods in the first place. Which stems from our Purpose. “We Grow Community” This isn’t just something we say, it is embedded in every decision that is made. Being a family oriented person, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity each day to create relationships with the people that make this all possible, our guests. They truly are the focus in everything that we do which is instilled within every individual in our company.”

Why should someone look to join our family?
"My favorite thing about Lowes is the encouragement of creativity in our day to day operations as well as the “family feel” that is present throughout the company. As I sit here today, 6 years later as a Co- manager in our Kernersville store I can honestly say that I look forward to work every day. Though there are challenges, none are too great for a family this large to overcome."

Woody Osborne  MDI

Tell us why you love MDI?
"It has been a rewarding experience for me.  MDI uses all their assets to accomplish their end goal. For example MDI reaches out to all of our drivers, and even a 3rd party during our busy season to get the deliveries to the stores on time. MDI also works well with their employees. The company is always looking for ways to keep their employees safe. The safety vests were a great idea. The safety vest has made me feel safer especially when I have to walk at night. I think MDI’s Benefit package is great and we are one of the few Companies to still offer a Pension plan."

Nandu Gupta  Alex Lee, Inc.

Tell us why you love Alex Lee?
"I have been a part of the Alex Lee family for over 10 years now and there are many reasons to why I love Alex Lee:
First, I can say they are like a ‘second’ family to me. Just like Alex Lee is a family owned company, the family values are felt throughout the company.
Second, Alex Lee has established a work culture that allows me as an employee to be a team contributor as well as fosters a high level of work satisfaction. Every day brings a new challenge which in turn allows me the opportunity to learn and explore new technologies. I can truly be a ‘techie’ at work.
Third, professional advancement has always been very important to me and Alex Lee encourages success in the workplace. In my 10 years with Alex Lee, I have advanced from a Developer to a Senior Developer and I am currently in a Project Leader role."

Why should someone look to join our family?
"If you are looking to join a company that promotes from within, encourages work successes, allows you to be a team contributor, treats you like their own, and has an innovative workplace environment, then Alex Lee is a great fit for you."